How to keyword and upload photos/illustrations to microstocks

If you’re a photographer new to microstock photography, I highly reccomend you to embark this wonderful way of passive earning using your artworks. But I will suppose that you know what is this about and how basically use it. I would even suppose you’ve passed an exam on some stock agency and uploaded your first artworks. But did you know there’re plenty of stocks? And did you know it’s better to work with all major players of this industry? Shutterstock, iStock, Fotolia, Depositphotos to name just a few. And there is a lot more.

Keywording and uploading your photos to stocks can be fairly considered as the most boring part of this business. It’s quite a long way to upload your files to 10 different websites, keyword them and submit. For such a purpose I’m working on a keywording and uploading tool, called Xpiks. It’s main objective is to help you to dramatically reduce time you spend on keywording and uploading and enable you to upload to more stocks simultaneously. For that reason I added features like parallel editing of several files, keywords suggestion, spell checking, automatic FTP uploading, stock requirements checking and others.

You can see screenshots or read more on how to use it on the official website.

This program is open source and free and available through all major platforms: OS X, Windows and Linux. There’s a support section and you’re welcome to file your bug or post a question there.

Don’t waste more time than needed, download Xpiks and enjoy!

How to process Nikon D5300 NEF and other unsupported RAW formats in Darktable

My favorite tool, Darktable, does not support new Nikon D5300 NEF format and, obviously, a lot of other RAW formats due to proprietary software for them. But there is a solution. There is a free tool from Adobe for Windows and Mac: DNG converter, which is free and converts a lot (almost all, I guess) of proprietary RAW formats to DNG (Digital NeGative – open lossless raw format. Complete list of supported RAW formats for DNG Converter.


For now DNG Converter is fairly simple so it runs flawlessly under Wine and you’re able to export all your NEF (or other) photos first to DNG and then to process them in your favorite RAW editor. That’s it!

(in my case then I switched Alt-Tab from working DNG converter, it crashed under Wine, but when window is active all the time, it works ok)

Also, if you set file format to 12-bit NEF in your camera, it would have green colors if you open them in any RAW editor (Darktable, RAWTherapee, Lighthouse, etc). But if you chose 14-bit RAW, it looks ok despite the fact it would be more sharp in native Nikon Windows- and Mac-only software.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in commets!

UPD: Darktable 1.6 supports D5300 NEF files if processed without OpenCL